|  APR 22

10AM - 2 PM

El Presidio Park 

Join us at El Presidio Park (corner of Alameda and Stone)  at 10:00 am for both a rally and Science Outreach Event!  The event at El Presidio Park will include speakers as well as local bands and other performers. 20+ local science and educational organizations will have booths on-site for you to explore and learn more about Tucson’s diverse science community!

The goal of this march is to advocate for science and send the message to our politicians that STEM should be funded and valued. We're here to take a stand, so let's shake the ground at El Presidio on April 22. This is our time. This is our chance. This is our voice. Science not silence!


Our Sponsors

Upcoming Pre-Rally Speaker Series

The pre-rally speaker series will cover important subjects that impact the science community and our lives.  Through a series of four engaging talks, you can learn more about current events and the interconnectiveness of education, diversity, natural resources, and other facets of science.  We will meet 6-7pm on the Mondays and Wednesdays leading up to the rally.  Each talk will last approx. 35 minutes with additional time for active discussion.  Room number TBD, in the McClelland Park Building on UofA campus.*

April 10: History and Social Progress of Science -- Stewart Barr and Tony Pitucco

April 12: Value of Diversity in Science -- Anita Bhappu

April 17: K-12 Education and the Science Community -- Rebecca Lipson + panel

April 19: Current Events, Science and the Environment -- Rachel Gallery

Confirmed Speaker Presentations

Interactive Science & Education Booths

UA Science: Sky School, Undergraduate Anthropology Club, Advocates for Snake Preservation, House Herp, Southern AZ Section of the American Chemical Society, Society of Earth Science Students - UA Geosciences, College of Optical Sciences -University of Arizona, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, Gut Check Foundation, Assocoation of Women in Mathematics, U of A chapter, College of Science Office of Recruitment and Outreach, Desert Bloom Re-leaf Center, Arizona Native Plant Society, SERI, U of A Catalyst, Brain S.T.E.M, Archarology Southwest, and more!!


Why We Rally


Our mission is to (1) advocate for the role of science in our lives, (2) send the message to current and future presidents that we need research-based legislation and policy, and (3) show that we want more funding for STEAM programs and agencies. So, though we are pointing out decisions by the Trump administration that we disagree with, we do not intend to commit the fallacy of ad hominem.




Finance Coordinator

I am marching because Science touches our lives every single day. It makes so many things possible: medicine, medical procedures, products in our homes like light, digital/technological advances, clean water, air, and more. It's impact is taken for granted often, and it needs to be kept alive and modern!


Food Coordinator

I am marching against the silencing of those who share information and give policy advice on the basis of empirical data. I am marching not just as a scientist, but as a Tucsonan who cares deeply for my community. We will show that we refuse to let others use fear to control us or to stop us from pursuing knowledge.


Booth Coordinator

I am marching because too many people do not understand or trust science. We need to do more to help people understand the difference between science and pseudoscience, to understand what makes something an evidence-based treatment, and to make sure that treatments offered to people are rigorously tested and shown to be effective.


Art/Design Coordinator

I march to preserve the curiosity that drives us to search for and grasp a wider variety of knowledge. This march is about transparency, putting science in the hands of everyone and honoring the amazing achievements in the STEM field that should be recognized globally.





Lead Organizer

The Trump administration has shown consistent hostility towards environmental agencies, natural resource conservation, and science in general. His policies and appointees threaten to return us to an era of unrestricted exploitation for the gain of a few. I march because it is my purpose to protect our wildlife and wildlands—to protect the unique and wondrous American landscape from which we all benefit.


Outreach Coordinator

I march for hydrology, because water is life. Everyone needs clean water to drink and to grow food. Climate change and overuse are stressing our water resources. We need science to help us understand the changes we are causing and to help us make sure everyone has reliable, equal access to water in the future.


Lead Organizer

Scientists exist in so many ways - we are not all chemists that work in lab coats, measuring solutions. It is important for all scientists to understand what each other do, as well as people who are not scientists to understand the role that science plays in our daily lives. I want everyone to have the chance to show their research, what they're working on, and why it is important. There is no room for censorship to exist in scientific communities.


*The march is not a function of the University of Arizona nor does the UA officially endorse or financially support the march. Though we have some clubs and participants in the march that attend the UA, they are not representatives of the UA. We are not using and will not use the name of the university to promote or garner interest in this march without UA permissions.